Road to TL2

Hi everyone! The only obstacle I have left to reach TL2 is getting to 20 topics created. Does anybody have any ideas on what I should create topics on or tips to reach my goal? Thanks! See you in the skies!

Actually, just be active and contributing.

Don’t create random topics to boost TL (rather make only meaningful and positive ones).

And when in doubt, the search bar is always there if you need to find something.

that’s all :)


Ok, thanks for the advice!😄

Basically what I have quoted from Chris some’s it all up.

You can learn more below.


Thanks, I’ll be sure to be as active as possible.

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It’s also important for you to know that randomly liking doesn’t help either. That’s not how it works.


What do you mean by that?

I didn’t make 20 topics, but I still managed to be TL2. Don’t follow the requirements on Discourse, because the IFC has other requirements.


Don’t like every post in each topic.

Otherwise known as farming likes, which is illegal.

Ohhhh, ok I get it now, thanks.

Do you happen to know those other requirements? Because I really want to make it to TL2 so I can attempt to create and host an event of some kind. Thanks!

The admins and mods have chosen not to disclose those requirements.


Oh, ok, not sure I understand why they’d be so secretive about it, but it’s admin so I guess I’ll have to just accept it.

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So people don’t farm for trust levels like there the only farmer on the western slopes of Texas

Interesting idea, that’s very smart of them.

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