Road to Oshkosh [Leg 1 KBCT-KFHB]

As many of you know, this week would be the EAA AirVenture event in Oshkosh, WI. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this event has been cancelled. However, this event will still be happening virtually thanks to an Oshkosh local, @JarretFlies. Instead of flying commercially up to Wisconsin, I decided to dust off my 1972 C172N and take part in a legendary journey to Oshkosh from my home airport of Boca Raton, FL. My first leg would take me across the entirety of a Florida’s eastern coast up to a Fernandina Beach, a small seaside town on the border with Georgia.

Route Information
Airplane: Cessna 172
Route: (KBCT) Boca Raton to (KFHB) Fernandina Beach
Flight Time: 2:36 Hours


Taking the Old Bird Out of My Hangar

Departing Boca Raton as the Sun Slowly Rises

Reaching Cruise Altitude near West Palm Beach While Listening to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up

Flying Near the famous Kennedy Space Center

Touching Down in Fernandina Beach

Resting at the Stand While Enjoying Coffee and Snacks from the FBO

I hope you enjoyed and I will make a topic for each flight on this amazing journey!


Awesome pics, I love how you are doing legs to KOSH.

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I live real close to KOSH and go every year, so it’s nice to see people doing fun flights there like so! Nice pictures. :)


Do you know when your last leg is and what it is going to be?

I am definitely thinking it will be Chicago Executive to Oshkosh, if not I will do a long flight to Milwaukee Timmerman Airport. I am really not sure yet

Incredible shots! It was fun seeing you at 7,000 feet above KPBI while I was cruising at FL320 😂

I’ll hope along if available and you’re cool with it. I am from Chicago originally, live in Milwaukee now (Fly into and out of Timmerman a lot) and fly mainly out of West Bend so I might meet ya if ok.

I never said cool shots by the way

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I know, it is a shame a forgot to mention you! It is always cool seing fellow IFC members in the skies

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It’s all good. Maybe I’ll see you on your next leg :)

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Yeah you can choose any airport in the Chicago Metropolitan area from like near Michigan all the way to Milwaukee I can include.

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Nice pics! I’ll also be flying in to KOSH from my home airport, Austin! I’ll be flying from Austin executive in my Xcub. I found a mixture trick that might help me reach chicago direct, then continue to OshKosh. I’ll see you there, it will be a 9-10 hour journey for me, minimum, leaving tmrw night!

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If you are up for it we can meet up at Chicago Executive! Right now my route is Boca Raton-Fernandina Beach-Western Carolina Rgnl Airport-Terre Haute-Chicago-Oshkosh.

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I’ll PM you :)

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looks awesome and sounds fun

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