Road to Grade 3, performance review

I am working hard to get to Grade 3, mainly doing mid range flights in places with strong winds for landing.
What to you think are good performance stats to get to Grade 3? Those are mine, I unfortunately got 3 violations in Dublin due to tail wind wile descending. I didn’t get to slow down fast enough, newbie error for sure.
I would like to hear your advices and comments in order to get better and improve challenging myself more. Do you have any challenging flight to help me increasing my skills?

The more flying, the easier for you they are likely to be. Flying is all about self judgment, so the more fly, the more you learn. That’s how I figured out most of the stuff I know right now, especially how to land properly. It’s all about patience when it comes to ranks. You will know when you feel ready for it!


looking good there! To reach G3 its a case of practice practice and a bit more practice! A combinattion of Touch and Gos as well as flights will help get you ready. Again with the flights you need a combination of short / medium as well as the odd long haul. You will gain as much from a short 1-2hr flight as you will in longhaul as you the takeoff, climb to cruise, descent and landing stages are all the same, no matter how far you fly!

To get ready to fly on expert is a different matter! Make sure you read the tutorials on IFATC and I would suggest that for your first few times on Expert Server AVOID FNF. That is because the airports are really busy and this is where a lot of new G3 get ghosted because they dont understand the requirements of IFATC. Would suiggest that for your first few flights on expert to find the !airport of the week" and fly there with the ATC. These airports will be less busy so you will have a better idea how it all works. When you are comfortable then you will be ready for a FNF!

good luck!


Long hauls couls easily get you that amount of XP, however, I recommend doing a lot of short hauls to got the hang of both the aircrafts you fly and the system itself (unicom, ATC).

When you reach grade 3 it’s important to note that you shouldn’t go directly into expert server, take your time to learn everything, and listen to @David_Lockwood tips!


I find many people have this issue. Next time, set your autopilot altitude to 11000 and wait for your speed to reach below 250 and then continue descent to avoid getting a violation.


I usually Flight wit the A320 cruising at FL330, I do a first descent to FL280 at 1400 ft/min, then I descent at FL120 at 2000 ft/min. After that I procede gradually to FL30 at speed 210 knots to prepare my ILS approach and final. That time I misjudged the distances and I descended with a rate exceeding 2500 ft/min increasing my airspeed. I have to be more precise regarding my TOD calculations.

Not what I would recommend for decent. In my opinion you should rather gradually reduce speed during decent by using low engine power (e.g. 15-25%).

Also you can avoid overspending below FL100 by checking the speed while approaching FL100 and using speedbrakes if needed.

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Hey! So like the other people in this conversation said, you should do some touch and goes and some flights. In order to get your XP up you should do long hauls. It’s as simple as taking off before you go to sleep and descending and landing when you wake up. And to get the 8 more landings you need you should hop into a small airport or an airport that doesn’t get traffic for example, KTPA is not small but never gets traffic. If you want 1 runway go to somewhere like KRSW. Just grind for like a half hour or an hour and you have enough landings! And last, to not get speed violations you need to set your speed with the autopilot to like 240 knots. And if you have trouble slowing down go to 10,100 and slow down and keep descending through 10,000. Good luck!


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Lets be honest. To get to grade three go to casual and do long flight in autopilot at night and in the morning to back to it and exit the game. That will give you lots of XP at least 6,000 a long flight. Also just do pattern work for like 20 min and you are grade three!

I found this website which is very interesting. There are a lot of aircrafts with all the performances. Maybe this can be useful for you too.

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I didn’t mean come at high speed and stop at 11000, reduce your speed and continue descent. I meant if you find your speed is still too high (things didn’t go to plan) don’t continue your descent. Stop at 11,000, reduce your speed and continue.

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To get lots of XP you need to run a flight with lots of fuel all night (9hours) and you should get about 7k XP, also for getting your landings up I would suggest going to egll and flying between city and Heathrow and do like a circle. Hope this helped👍

This gives a good overview of some numbers to use for reference, obviously they need to be adapted to the exact situation, but still nice to have!

Thank you for sharing!

It at least reduce your vertical speed, right, I agree that this is useful as a last resort option, got it now. Sorry if I sounded to harsh earlier.


That could work for XP but I’d personally rather land and get ready for ES than not land at all. And plus you are improving your landing skills :)

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