RNZAF 757-200M (Royal New Zealand Air Force)

The 757-200M is no doubt the pride and joy of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. First operated in 2009 the Boeing 757 in there fleet they have two 757-200M . The 757-200M in the 40th Squadron is responsible for Troop Movements E.g Moving troops between Syria and New Zealand, Cargo trips to places after disasters Which includes a lot of action in Christchurch.

The 757-200 M replaced the 727 that would transport the Prime Minister or cabinet ministers overseas or to Places like NZWN,NZAA or NZCH.


Key Factors about the 757-200M

  • Cruising speed is 0.8 Mach or 858 kmh (533 Mph)

  • Power plant|2 x Rolls Royce RB211535E4/4B turbofans

  • Length| 47.32m

  • Wingspan 38.05m

  • Height 13.56m

  • Basic weight 57,180kg

  • Gross weight 115,680kg

  • Max payload 22,460kg

  • Max fuel 43,490L

  • Range 4000 nm (7400 km)

(Km= 1 Kilometre = 0.62 Miles Rounded 2 Dp)

(M= 1 Meter = 3.28 Feet Rounded 2 Dp)

(L = 1 Litre = 0.26 Gallons Rounded 2 Dp)

(Kg = 1 Kg = 0.001 Us Tons)

A lot of My Information From And Pictures From http://www.airforce.mil.nz/gallery/photo-gallery/aircraft/b757/b7572.htm

We 100% need this

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Thank you 😁

I think this livery looks cool. Would be great to have more military liveries like this one.

Thank you so much 😁

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Would be cool to see this girl she is a beautiful sight

I’m at least a year late here my dude, but this is one neat livery and certainly one that I’d love to see if/when the 757 gets reworked. I believe that she’s been requested a few times on the main 757 rework thread (and has been put on the new livery masterlist there), so here’s hoping that the devs add this one in when they can.

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Haha nah it’s alg would love to see this livery as well thank you

Would be awesome to see this livery in the next update!

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Big yes from me for this! Saw it fly overhead the other day into Woodbourne, always a fantastic sight to see!


heck yes! I saw this beauty land into wellington on one of my many trips! i love NZ and the RNZAF!

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I think this aircraft would fit nicely along with the rework as it’s one of the most Iconic aircraft in the NZ airspace

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We need it along with the Air Force Two livery.

Yes definitely Air Force Two and RNZAF flying side by side would look magnificent

A Request for this livery also Listed in 757 rework thread, hope it gets added 🤙🏻

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It would be good to see more rare Military Livery’s about the skys

I completely forgot about this aircraft!! This would be soooooooo cool to fly! 😍

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Ikr especially to McMurdo station in Antartica there’s so much potential

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I know right 🤞😂

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Hopefully this livery gets added before the release 20.3

Would be great to have, to represent RNZAF and the Kiwi’s of the IFC

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