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I am new to Infinite Flight on my iPhone. I’m having a hard time finding RNAV fixes and Auto Land on certain aircraft. Am I just to new to shoot an auto land. Are there no RNAV fixes on this App.

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Hello! LNAV is available on every planes equipped with Autopilot, However Autoland is only available on these following aircrafts so far

  • B737-700BBJ
  • A318
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • B787-8
  • B787-9
  • B787-10
  • B777-200ER
  • B777F
  • B777-200LR
  • B777-300ER
  • MD-11
  • MD-11F
  • DC-10
  • DC-10F

To use LNAV, you have to make a proper flightplan before engaging the LNAV. This video offers a great tutorial on how to file a FPL, check it out! I hope it helps to clear your confusion, thanks


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A lot of fixes you would normally find on an approach chart are not in Infinite Flight. Unfortunately, the nav data in Infinite Flight is not completely up to date.


Do I have to be a certain level to access Auto land feature

Autoland feature is accessible to anyone, no matter if you are a Grade 1 or a Grade 5. But only these aircrafts that are equipped with Autoland feature so far, so you only have Autoland on these following aircrafts. Autoland feature will come with new aircrafts coming to Infinite Flight as long as the real aircraft is equipped with Autoland too in real life

Autoland is a way to automatically land your plane.
A link below is linking to the autoland tutorial.
Auto land tutorial- Via community


I recommend this guys

I have had the issue of dealing with missing Fixes, unfortunately your going to have to use the good old method of Pen, Paper and a Stopwatch, Its never gonna let you down!

Bar the obvious, like Spitfire and the SD, non of witch are equipped with A/P Or LNAV.

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