RNAV approach for ATC

If somebody request a RNAV approach, how should I vector them, since they use there GPS, how do I do it?

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I may be wrong, but I don’t think that vectors should be used for an RNAV approach as their flight plan should take them to the runway. As the approach controller, you should check that their flight plan is valid and only vector of avoiding collisions.

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Just to make sure, I will PM a IFATC

Thank you for the reply!

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For any approach, if the pilot has filed a star, you can let them fly that. However, the star doesn’t necessarily take them all the way onto the localiser. If they have requested a GPS approach and have filed an approach after the star that leads them down to the RW threshold, you may let them fly on their FPL. For all other approaches (if the star doesn’t bring you to a suitable place like base for RV and VIS or final for the ILS), vectors are required. Be it a base turn, intercept or whichever.


I know that the controllers get familiar with all the approaches and procedures for a particular airport. ATC can vector an aircraft all the way to the final approach fix, then hand them over.

So yes you can vector them for an approach all the way down to the final approach fix or you can vector them to any point of the approach and let them resume own navigation.

Here’s a link to the ATC manual if you need any further information but I think it was explained well above.

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