RMS on wiki

Theres this guy on wikipedia who got rid of my work i did yesterday. Part of the name was RMS. I put the 3 servers and the defininitions of them. They delete dll of that. I also put autoland in there and it was delete to. Please stop doing this

Someone else deleted a lot of the other info added as well.

It says in my kessages for wikipedia." Please dont add stuff to this wikipedia that isnt helpful

It also syas please dont make unconstructful edits in this wiki

This version was a good one, but was taken out for the following reason:
“Wikipedia is not somewhere to list every single aircraft in a game, nor to promote it by association with those aircraft”

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As useful as that is, the real wikipedia (Not the IF wiki) is meant to give a brief explanation of the game. Tutorials, lists of features, and specifics like that are likely listed on another page (There is 99% likely an Autoland page that you can read).

Infinite Flight wiki would be a better place for all that info

Just my 2 cents though

Yeah. I have done a bit of work, it is looking better.

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My edits I recently made are still there. PM me what you wanted to add and I’ll add them for you. (BTW: I’m MAX490907 on Wikipedia. You can see me in the change log for the Wiki page.)

Yeah, it turns out that the RMS guy is an admin and is saying that those things are unnecessary. Just happened to me, too. The person is simply saying that a list of all of the aircraft, scenery, and servers is not needed on the page. It’s just a waste of space.

There’s also this other guy called Airplane101 that’s cursing off everyone and making strange edits.