Rlbg13's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ LFML

Status: Closed
Airport: KLAX
Frequencies: Twr/Gnd
Server: Training (TS1)

Is anybody available right now? It’s been quite a long time since people have come to my sessions.

Sorry, I’ll come whenever I’m available

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Good evening everybody!

Due to there being no activity for the past weeks, and after considerable reflection, I’ve decided to put an end to this ATC tracking thread.

I might still control some airports, but they will no longer be part of the tracking thread as I’m/I will be receiving no feedback.

Thanks for all those who helped me thus far!


There’s been a while since I’ve controlled an airport. As you may know, I previously decided to stop the tracking thread because nobody was coming to the airports I was controlling.

However, after consideration, I’ve decided that I’d open back this tracking thread, simply because I know I still have knowledge to acquire to be the best at controlling. I really want to better my practical technique.

I, however, have a wish and I’d like you all to help me make it: I’d like people to come at my sessions. Simply because you’re the ones who are helping me advance and get better at controlling. Whilst controlling on the training server, although I was happy that there was traffic, I was a little saddened that there was actually practically no way that people could give me a feedback of my service.

Thanks to all the people who’ll help me through this journey and see you soon!

PS: I’m planning to open Twr/Gnd frequencies at LFML somewhere today. Is anybody available at any moment?

Status: Open
Airport: LFML
Frequencies: Twr/Gnd
Server: Training (TS1)
Active runways:
for take-off: 31L/R
for landing: 31L/R
Specific message(s) :

  • First time in this tracking thread controlling on my iPad. It should be better for visibility!
  • @Lion_50 @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL @Usman_A @Kenneth_Natal
    From now on, I’ll begin mentioning people whenever I open frequencies. Of course, if you don’t want to be mentioned, don’t be scared to notify me!

I can provide approach or center, if you want

As you’d like! But just for information, there isn’t too much traffic at the moment.

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Do I hand you over departure traffic or not?

Yes please

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Major improvements from last time I attented your session. found no issues. keep it up :)

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Thank you very much for coming and for the feedback!

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