RL Flight Plans

Hey guys…
I was just wondering how do you check the flight plans of real life flights? Thanks!

You can go to flightaware.com for the flight you want. Some flights have flight plan details some don’t.

Ok… I was searching for the FPL of FR3101 but I can’t find it on flightaware.

You mean Ryanair flight 3101? If you can’t find it direct from the website try googling the flight.

Not all flights can be found on Flightaware.

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As Cavan mentioned, Flightaware is a very good source if you are doing flights to/out of America or Australia. It shows you the FPL that the flight is using. You can also utilize fpltoif.com to convert it to a IF-compatible flight plan. Check it out!

Additionally, Simbrief gives you real-life flight plans too. Combine it with fpltoif.com and you are good to go!


And i’m talking about an EU Flight xD

And here I am talking about all flights. ;)

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Lol that comeback tho

Flightaware or flightradar24 works very well for EU flights as well;-). personally I use simbrief for my own flights.


There are certainly websites that make the plans for you. But what I do is to look up the flight on Flightradar24 and estimate the gate, altitude, speed, waypoints, etc… Hope this helps.

FlightAware is a US based company and currently only offers detailed flight information for flight inside the United States. Also international flights inbound or outbound of the US are usually covered too.

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