RKSI Satellite only

Hi there,

I was flying from VABB to RKSI about 6 hours of flight here, but there is a airport wasn’t load properly twice after going-around. Can you help me to fixing the satellite airport issue?

Hopefully you can fix the loading errors for 3D airports for the next update and should be solved this time.

try clearing your scenery cache or change your 3D object Density.

Quite often, all you need to do is to clear your scenery cache and restart your app in order for this to be fixed. You could also try cycling your 3D object density and see if that helps. Hope this helps!

If I tapped the ‘clear cache’ button, the scenery cache will be cleaned up and it will free more space, but it will takes longer time to load the scenery.

have you tried it?

Yes, but it will takes a longer time to load the scenery map.

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After cleared the cache and restart the app, RKSI 3D airports will be loaded back now.

Alright, problem solved.

Ok and thank you very much.

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