RKSI question

RKSI airport, runway takeoff the path is in front of North Korea DMZ. I want to ask did there ever have a plane accidentally fly into DMZ? Because he forgot to turn?

I highly doubt a pilot can just forget something like that…


North Korea is a restricted airspace for most airlines there’s very strict procedures they probably have to follow. Like @GlobalFlyer1 said I think a pilot wouldn’t just forget about that.


I’m sure there are many Procedures that pilots review that prevent a plane enter a No fly zone


While commercial planes fly above the DPRK airspace sometimes (even American planes) ,that only happens at a high altitude when cruising. There are probably special procedures when using that runway.

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Here’s an example from just now.

Notice how they make a quick right turn to avoid the North Korean airspace.

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yes that is normal but I say, did someone ever forget to do that

I’m sure maybe once but I bet it’s extremely rare.

no it is not allowed I never saw it before on the map

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Yes, it is. At least it was last year when I checked

I’ve seen aircraft from Europe fly over North Korea before @Alexian61 is right but it’s very rare though.

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If you guys were looking at flight tracking apps, sometimes they will show aircraft over North Korea because they haven’t registered their exact location. I believe that’s their approximate location based on the direct flight path between their last known location and their destination. But these aircraft aren’t actually flying over North Korea.


Ok thanks @Ishrion I believe you.

I think you might be right because I can’t see how FlightRadar24 can get the information from the North Korean radars

Adding on a bit, there are some airlines that flew over North Korea in recent years, such as S7’s Vladivostok to Shanghai flight. However, because of some recent tensions, I think restrictions increased and more airlines began to avoid the surrounding airspace?

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The restrictions didn’t get tighter per se, but the United States urged the ICAO to stop trying to open up North Korean airspace, as they continued testing missiles even after the talks with Trump and Kim Jong Un. The US and UK have barred all flights from entering the Pyongyang FIR, and some airlines have even barred flights from flying over the Sea of Japan due to missiles seen in that area as well. Because North Korea isn’t in a place where carriers need to fly over to reach destinations, most airlines and countries have asked airlines to avoid flying over the airspace, since the routes don’t add a significant amount of flight time


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