RKSI Not Loading Completely

When I approached RKSI, 3d Buildings like runway, taxiway are not appeared.
However starting on RKSI is appeared
Is the Error experienced for me???
Whai can i do???
Device: galaxy note 20 ultra
Operating system: android

Hey! Have you downloaded the latest hotfix which is supposed to fix this issue. 24.2.1 in the app store.

Yes, I’m already in 24.2.1

I also have this issue, android(newest version) A52.
Sometimes it loads but sometimes it doesn’t…

Runway 34L

I recently apporached RKSI in 24.2.1 . However the same error happend

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I want to know whether my phone is an error or not

Considering someone else with another type of phone had the same issue I’d say your phone is fine. This looks more like an Android problem, hopefully fixable

Does this also happen at other airports with a similar size?

Could you try EGLL or LSZH?

Among my friends, there were quite a few people complaining about this problem, especially at RKSI.

From the same part of the world?

This problem is especially severe in RKSI

Do you know if your friends, who are experiencing this issue, are located in the same part of the world?

In south korea, a lot of people have experienced this issue

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I think developers check this issue asap

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