RKSI loading fail

Device:Samsung s22 ultra
Operating system:Android 13/ One UI 5.1

RKSI(ICN) is keep crashing.
Crashed 2 times in game, 1 time in replay
Never experienced before in RKSI

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Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue!

Have you tried clearing your scenery cache by going to settings → general → tapping “clear scenery cache” and then restarting your app?

Let us know if this works!

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I just tried, but it doesn’t work.
Also, it happens randomly, not every time(happens 1 time when i play 3 time)

It really only happens once in three times.

But its okay in replay…

Maybe try restarting your phone. It is always magical when your problems are fixed after a tap, and a few seconds. 🙌

Tried yesterday. It didn’t work…

Sorry to hear that you’re still experiencing this issue. If you’ve tried clearing your scenery cache and restarting the app, then the next step would be to re-install the Infinite Flight app completely. Have you tried this?

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