RKSI Ground texture

As I was landing, I couldn’t seem to find the runway… I saw myself closing in on a taxiway, except it was actually the runway itself. (Yes, my favorite Star Wars character is Han Solo, how could you tell?)

I’ve searched and found three other topics from this year, about this exact same airport, but with no solution except for restarting the flight. It seems the ground texture fails to load sometimes specifically at RKSI.

Me and the other three topic authors had this issue on an Android.

Personally, I flew to RKSI many times but never had this problem. You could clear scenery cache to reload the airport and certain things, but wasn’t it possible to see the runway end lights as you approached?

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I’ve tried this, so did one of the other topic author, but it didn’t fix the issue. Restarting the flight seems to be the only fix.

Yep! But I was so confused that I floated on the runway for a long while. Double-checked the map HUD until I instinctively slammed the plane on the runway 😓

May I ask, is your phone an android? Samsung specifically

No, it’s an Iphone, possibly an android exclusive issue

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Clear your cache. Also about that I will suggest to pay attention to Hold shorts and map.

I certainly will if it happens again

I see… that’s most likely the case.

I’ve been testing this issue and was able to replicate on Android devices. Not on iPadOS (yet).

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Thanks for reporting this. 🙂
I was able to reproduce this issue and have made a note about it internally.
Hopefully it will be fixed soon. 🤞