RKSI FNF Training Server

Too often I see posts about how the training server (or playground as we used to call it) is just the worst server to be on. However, they are times when everyone on the training server does listen, and I just wanted to give a compliment.

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out and thank you to all the pilots who followed all my ATC instructions on the live simulator last night fnf event it was a pleasure serving as your air traffic controller handling both ground and Tower operations and to me you were wonderful customers AKA Pilots. And by the way yes it was on a training server and everyone followed directions 😱😍 thank you so much for allowing me five hours of beautiful customers.

P.S. special thanks for the understanding of no pattern work allowed and knowing how to depart without asking to remain in the pattern we don’t get the option 2 have that grayed out unless you fly on Expert servers. Those of us who control on the training server have limited resources to work with (such as no ATIS which is only given to expert controllers)so thank you so much.


That’s a rare that happens on the Training Server

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It was a miracle to be honest with you


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