RKSI-EGLL Korean Air Cargo 77F

Hey all. Here is a couple of shots from my overnight flight yesterday from RKSI to EGLL with a pretty impressive 147kts headwind over Europe.

Korean Air Cargo 77F
Flight time 11.32
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Edited using the basic editor that came with the S9+

Early morning departure from RKSI

Leaving the Netherlands on the way to the UK

On final 27L (trying to spot my mums house on the way in ;) )

Crossing the threshold of 27L with a Cathay 777 holding short.

Bye bye Cathay have a nice flight


Cool photos, like the second one.

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great photos, I like them

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Cheers guys. This was my first attempt at trying to edit a photo 😂

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For a First attempt its reeally Good!

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Thanks mate :)

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