I just got done with my trip in Tokyo it was fun seeing all the fish and seafood in general everyone was so polite, but after a week, it is time for me to head back to my home in Finland today I will be flying economy class on Finnair

It was super as soon as I said a lady came to me and gave me a warm rag he felt really good I also got a snack and beverage. I got a good view of the engine from my seat.

Before long engines, respond up and already at the runway.

From my seat, I got a good view of Alaska as we were flying over eight display allowed us to go into US air space do to close the Russian airspace send the invasion of Ukraine we are halfway there already.

Before I knew it we heard the seatbelt sign go on and we have started our descend into Helsinki.

We had some crosswind so we came in for a bumpy landing pilots did a good job

And 13 hours later we were at our gate in Helsinki. I really enjoyed his. Finnair is a great airline and highly recommend it.


Great shots!

Thank you so much

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Nice shots! Finnair is indeed a good airline!

thank you I have flown Finnair twice

Amazing shots Brian !

Thank you (10 characters)

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