RJTT Spotting - Haneda Collision

Quite a few flights on expert server from New Chitose - Haneda (RJCC-RJTT) following the deadly collision in Tokyo today. Among all of them, a special thank you to the user who flew this route using a JAL A359. It was really thoughtful and I wish I could’ve done the same"

Coincidentally, when I was on final approach to RWY 34R, a Dash-8 happened to line up at the runway. Quite a little jump scare followed by mixed feelings… But it was a good chance to capture some shots as a tribute to the fallen Japanese Coast Guardsmen and the bravery and professionalism of JL516’s flight crew:

Truly a sad, rare and memorable moment to me on IF.


I guess I found the user! @SpringieBoiGio
That was a beautiful work. I also wonder who the Dash-8 user was…


Thank you so much for spotting my flight!!!

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Apparently the coast guard pilot ignored the “hold” command and he was the only one who got away alive. Not sure why he did it
They were on their way to delivering aid to the earthquake victims too


Yeah I am aware of it. I can’t lay down any conclusions before the ATC recordings or the investigation results are released, but so far seems like there were some miscommunications with the DH8C according to the recollections.

Truly tragic, but how the A350 withheld the fire was remarkable. It should in fact raise people’s confidence in flying. It’s not just a proof of A350’s safety, but the other modern commercial airliners’ as well.


Planes are actually safer than cars but many ppl still don’t have enough confidence in planes


The crew is more responsible for the survival of the people on board than the A350 was. They got everyone off in under 2 minutes. The A350 unfortunately was a lot more prone to fire than other aircraft because of its composite design.

View at your own risk


Yah its honestly a miracle

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Probably a Roblox PTFS player wants to roleplay that accident.

Eh that person held short at the runway correctly, so hopefully not

That image vividly reminds me of Asiana 214. Both fuselage’s are burnt, but as you said, the composite made the A350 more prone to fire. Heart goes out to the crew on the DH8C.



How the 772 held up in OZ214’s crash and fire was also remarkable - look how the fuselage remained intact considering the extent of force applied during the crash and spin.

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Wow, this is really cool. Flying in the air is my favorite atlas!!!

Did we forget about the coast guard aircraft?? People died in that plane.

No, we did not.

The Dash 8 might of be there on purpose. He knew what he was doing. 🤨