RJTT PAPI and ILS issue

Device: Xiaomi Poco F3
Operating system: Android11

When approaching RJTT , PAPI light and ILS mark on B77W screen doesn’t matched.

ex) ILS mark show that my approach is very correct but PAPI light show two red.

It’s very confused

So mostly RJTT landing is poor

I think PAPI in RJTT is broken

Please check this issue and fix


Which runway ?


According to an info-graphic I just found, two red lights and two white lights mean that the GS is correct. So I don’t think there is a problem.


The Infinite Flight PAPIs only have two lights…that being said, it could be placed in the wrong position but an airport editor would have better insight than me.

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Okay, I didn’t realize that. Thanks for the info!

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