RJTT Ground Situation

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I was ready to taxi a couple minutes ago at RJTT in the Expert Server. Ground was active, and I suddenly got a bloody nose. i had to run to the toilet to get some paper to stop it from running; before that, I responded “Stand by, Janex 201 (me)” after being instructed to taxi. As I had full volume in my device, I managed to hear, “Janex 201 (me), please expedite” from the controller. I didn’t manage to go back to my device and taxi back to parking. I got reported, and I was wondering if the report could be revoked, as I had an unexpected medical situation.
Thank you,

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Please note that I didn’t even manage to start taxiing to runway 05.

Hey Pedro!

Sorry to hear about your situation, could you go to your logbook and tell us the name of the controller who reported you?


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Your guy is @AsternAviation :)

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I’ll have a dm made and discuss it with you.

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