RJOO-RJAA // Boeing 777-200ER // Japan Airlines

A-NR (B772 Japan Airlines) turning for final for 34L and N154HA (B772 Infinite Flight ) on final for runway 34R at RJAA

 Server: Expert
 Flight time: 1hour
 Plane: Boeing B777-200ER (Japan Airlines     

IG- infiniteflightanr


Assume! Look like RJAA is really busy, but not here in my airport ZBNY.
Ahh… ☹️

Yeah RJAA was busy awhile ago!

Awesome picture ANR!

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Why is this in #general??? Any who lovely pic love the sun reflection.

Huh its in #screenshots-and-videos

Now it is. It was in general.

Oh okay lol

Thanks Shane!

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