RJCC Falling through terrain glitch

And before you ask, yes, I have cleared my scenery cache. It happened twice in the same location. So I was taxiing out from the Int’l gates at RJCC to 01L when I fell through the map in the same location twice.

Hello, @FiniteFlying!

As noted in the Get Help section of the Flying Guide, clearing the scenery cache may not always work. While rare, it can happen, and that appears to be the case with you.

The steps to resolve this would be to delete and reinstall the app; however, I suggest you do the following first:

  1. Close Infinite Flight (ensure it’s no longer running in the background).
  2. Reboot your device (power off and on).
  3. Open Infinite Flight.
  4. Clear scenery cache (Settings → General → Clear Scenery Cache).
  5. Retry.

If that doesn’t work, then, unfortunately, a reinstall of Infinite Flight is likely. Be sure to back up the replays you’d like saved!


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