RJAA-KATL / A350 (Japan Airlines)

From Japan to Atlanta in a beautiful A350-900 Japan Livery
Flight Hours: 12 hours approx.
Route: RJAA - KATL
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At Gate in Japan

Above Alaska @FL370

Above Atlanta @16000ft

An island near Sea of Okhotsk

Above Japan @14000ft

Final Approach


At Gate in KATL

Spoilers Up

Take-off from RJAA

Credits: @IndiGo_Virtual


Might want to check the photos, only one loaded. The exclamation marks seem to be the issue (!).

The ! need to be in front of the image, not behind them.

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Yeah if you edit your post, remove the “!” After every photo, we should all be able to view the photos without clicking on the links 😃

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It’s done! Hope it’s now visible… @Thunderbolt @Liam06


Love this one!

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That airport looks more like Atlanta, love the photos though

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love KATL great photo’s

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That’s no KCLT, that’s KATL! 😂

No worries though, still some great photos!


Thanks EDITED!


No problem!

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The photos are amazing!

btw Japan airlines 350 is in a dense configuration and is only in domestic usage

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btw i don’t think the photos are in proper order.
See this is the order of the photos:

  1. At gate
  2. Suddenly above alaska @ 370
  3. Above Atlanta at 160
  4. An island near the sea of okhotsk (russia?)
  5. Suddenly again above Japan at 160
  6. Now we are on final approach 😂
  7. At gate
  8. spoilers up
  9. Rotate???
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@Aviationer I know right! 😂 This is my first post here in IFC & guess what I messed it up… Next time I will make sure it’s in right order ☺️
By the way thank you for the feedback!

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Nice pics.

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