RJ or Heavy

What do you guys prefer to fly I think most like heavies but I love the little guys. When the the e175 come out though I don’t think that will matter everyone will be in the little e jet

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There isn’t currently any specific news on when the E-Jet rework will come out, but you can track its progress here: Official EJET (E175 and E190) Rework Tracking Thread - #140 by Tucker_Ryan
I prefer the little guys like the 737-700 that can fly for 17 hours :D

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I like both :D Some little guys such as the A220 and some big guys such as the A330neo

I see what you did there 😂 I flew a Southwest 737-700 sarcastically EGLL to KLAX just to show how ridiculous it is lol

I like both but I usually end up doing short to medium haul flights with the occasional long haul

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Since the aircraft has the BBJ fuel tanks, which has a range of up to 6000nm, EGLL to KLAX is actually realistic!

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yes but the real 737-700 doesn’t have BBJ fuel tanks and no airline is going to fly EGLL to KLAX with a 737 lol

I’m a heavy aircraft guy! I just love the A380!

But bare in mind, Ryan Air is planning to use 737-MAX8 flying cross atlantic flights, and Wizz Air is planning to use 321XLR to fly cross atlantic flights from Europe, and cross indian ocean flights from Abu Dhabi… lol

I do a combination. Sometimes I just feel like flying a 777 and sometimes I feel like doing some GA flying in a c172.

While I like both, I like to fly domestic routes so a good RJ or 73 is my go to.

I am an absolute RJ/GA guy. Don’t mind flying heavies every now and then but it doesn’t beat flying short routes from small town to small town.

Me too I am mostly and rj guy. The e175 is my favorite plane so I can’t wait for that rework hopefully soon I’m super excited for it

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