Rivers of Ice

A flight from Yakutat (PAYA) to Gustavas (PAGS) in Alaska offers a good chance to observe many glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park. My flight was in a TBM-930, at altitudes between 9000 and 11000 ft, local time about 2 PM, on the Training Server.

#1. Taking off from Yakutat, Alaska (PAYA).

#2. A glacier-fed lake.

Various Views of Glaciers.






#8. Approaching Gustavus Airport (PAGS).

#9. Landing at Gustavus airport (PAGS).


love me some good GA photo’s



Very cool! Alaska has some great views!

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Gorgeous. Keep up the great work!

Also thanks for the reminder ;)

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Ooh, more Alaska. Never fails to impress me with its amazing scenery. Great photos, looks like it was a nice flight!

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Just recently did some flying around in that area with the X-cub, amazing scenery up there

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I I It-t-t-t-t-s p-p-p-pret-tyer th-th-th-an I-d-ah-o!

took alot to say that lol nice pics.

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Absolutely cool scenery! I also really like the lower wing pictures like the one below, well done. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks @juan_tavares, I love your comment.

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