Rishon_R's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hi i am working on joining IFATC. I have passed my written and am working on my practical test.
Feel free to do patterns!

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Im open at KBTV if anyone wants to do patterns

Now open, for patterns and anything

Now open! Need feedback

Open for 15mins at FACT

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Hello,gr8 to hear that you have completed your written…
Quick suggestion:
Try to keep an airport open for 1-2 hrs or more coz in IFATC usually in class-b airspaces you’re enforced to keep open for at least 1hours.

Alright, will try to do so next time. Thanks for informing!

Now open for pattern work at FACT. Should be open for a good hour

Now open at FAYP for pattern. Need people

Come for some patterns friends


Who is your IFATC Trainer/Recruiter?

Hello, my recruiter is @Brandon_Sandstrom

Now open at YSSY

Now open at KTPA

Now open!!!

Now open. Please come!

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