Ripples of lines. Anti-aliasing.

It started probably about 3 weeks ago.I noticed that lines and other objects began to behave strangely, ripples appeared on the lines, the quality of other aircraft in multiplayer deteriorated

these screenshots show my problem.
I used to play without anti-aliasing and everything was normal, but now the quality of the lines has worsened. I turned on anti-aliasing became better, although the ripples were still slightly noticeable. It’s impossible to play with Antialiasing! It’s very hard on the FPS, especially if you’re playing multiplayer.
I tried to fix this problem: I tried all combinations of settings, deleted and downloaded Infinite Flight, even reset the tablet to the factory settings. Nothing helped 😣😣😣

Some information about IF settings and my tablet.
I think this is due to the latest update. Developers prepare the schedule for the global update probably.

I hope someone helps me

You can try clearing your app data/cache in the app data.

From the Home screen, touch Apps > Settings.
Touch Applications > Application manager.
Samsung Galaxy Tab Clear App Data and Cache
Swipe to the ALL tab. Scroll to and tap the preferred application.
Tap Clear cache.
You’ve now cleared the application cache.

This will clear up temporary files and may increase the performance of your device.


Thank you for contacting support! First, don’t panic. We want to help you have the best experience possible. Most issues like slow performance, “lagging”, or crashes are minor and easily resolved. Below are some basic steps taken that may help resolve the issue:

  • Keep as much unused internal device memory available. 1GB is the recommended amount.
  • Always close other apps before opening Infinite Flight.
  • Keep your device fresh by completely restarting device power occasionally.
  • Disable active add or message blocking apps.
  • Don’t install unapproved apps.
  • Don’t modify, “Root”, or “Jailbreak” your device.
  • Don’t install IAP unlocking apps like Freedom or LuckyPatcher. They won’t work and can cause problems that aren’t supported.
  • Use a strong WiFi network within a relatively close proximity to your device.
  • Unplug your modem and WiFi router for about 30 seconds, then plug them back in if online “lag” occurs.
  • Disable Anti-Aliasing
  • Lower “Show aircraft count live” setting.
  • Lower Aircraft or Water graphics setting.

If you try everything above and still have trouble, check to make sure you have the latest firmware update available for device installed. Lastly, we recommend you delete the app, restart device power, then sign into the same account used to purchase the app originally to reinstall.

As a final resort, reset the device to factory settings. Be sure to back up all important data on your device first.

If you still need help or have questions, reply with a brief description of the problem. Include reproducible scenario steps and also device make, model, and current operating system version. Screenshots are welcome so we can better assist you and get you back in the air!

Kind Regards,


Are you sure it doesn’t just seem worse because you now have something to compare it to? I think that may be the issue here…

Yep, it doesn’t totally get rid of absolutely all lines/ripples.

Precisely, it takes a big chunk of performance. It’s only recommended for higher end devices.



Well, First time I thought about it, but no. I can compare it with my videos about IF

Can you show us some footage of each to compare?


There riples too, but it was 3 month ago. And now it worse

The nearest parking spaces (lines) are straight and in good quality

100% sure that Anti-Aliasing is turned ON, on that video…

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If this were included, FPS would fall very much. I’m using the same device now and if I turn ON anti-aliasing FPS crashes even in single-player mode. And there were a lot of planes, running stream and music on (on another app) AND FPS WAS GREAT!

Yeah, Like I said, performance takes a hit :)

@Pilot420 I think this issue is in your head, but either way it’s minor and global is coming soon, so hopefully that makes it better for you.