RIP “Most West Coast” and “San Francisco Giants Livery”

The “Most West Coast” livery for Alaska Airlines on one of there A321Ns has been repainted into a regular Alaska Airlines livery. It was a favorite of mine, simple, yet colorful. Another Alaskan A321N in the San Francisco Giants Livery has also been repainted. I’m glad to say I saw both before there demise, but still sad I wolnt get a third. I supose all good things must come to an end though.

Before: (San Francisco Giants)

Before: (Most West Coast)

After: (Aircraft shown was the “Most West Coast” but they have been repainted the same)


Dang, what a shame. It’s such a good looking livery 😢

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Just take note that not only Most West Coast was repainted. All of Alaska’s special A321neo liveries except for the 2 More to Love NEOs were repainted into Alaska’s regular livery. It’s a shame :(


What other ones did they have?

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Eww why are they doing this? Such a nice livery…


Well, they had a San Francisco Giants livery, but that’s it

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It’s sad, but this happened quite a while ago in April…

I do miss this livery and it was my favorite one 😶


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