[rip bills lol] New England Patriots 767 Visits Buffalo To Receive An L

Hello Community!

The Patriots came back to Buffalo to play the Bills and they got clapped. There is only one photo. That is all.

No seriously, that’s all




Boston Massacre colorized 2022


Nosewheel tire looks a little deflated, weird.



sportsball plane

bottom text

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That was a good game… 😁

Anyway, what an amazing shot, even if I don’t love the Patriots I’ve gotta love that 😍


Thātś Høt

I would’ve been there but I couldn’t make it that day 😭😭

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Wow! What shot! I’ve seen the 767 many times here for injured players to go to Andrew’s institute.

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They got smashed that the plane is angry itself :(

Cool picture tho

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how to pin comment on IFC

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lol the patriots have smashed ye through the years though nice picture 😂

lol i’m not even a bills fan, but when the bills keep winning we get more charters so i mean i guess i am a bills fan in that case

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But the Pats have 2 planes, how many do the Bills have again?

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Even without planes they still got more touchdowns lol


Nice title edit @RTG113

Imagine how much fuel that thing needed for all those rings. Dream on billsmafia

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L team

W plane

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Just for you, I hope the Bills don’t make it to the Superbowl 😜.

Awesome shot Master Wu! Love the snow!

Underrated comment, deserves more likes.

Don’t worry New England patriots, u might win something……kinda 😅😅😅😅

Nice shot btw that nose wheel looks a bit under inflated