Rio to Santiago

Today I made a little long haul flight with headwinds Duration: approximately 5h expert server


Take off rwy 10

beautiful view in the background Maracanã stadium

beautiful view
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Cordilheira dos Andes



An a319 can fly for 5 hours? Never knew that

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Beautiful photos! I love the second to last! Keep it up!


Amazing Photos!

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I mean British airways can do A318 from JFK-LCY


this aircraft is the A320-200

Awesome shots mate, keep it up.

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They stop at Dublin.

Yeah but that’s LCY then Dublin the JFK
ON THE WAY BACK FROM JFK to LCY they don’t stop

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The A319’s maximum flight time was 6hours, and 47mins.

So, I’m pretty sure the A319 is able to do this route…

The a319 takes the route Rio to Lima duration 5:40

The A320 can fly that far!?
Great pics, love the second to last one!

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I am pretty sure they stop in Shannon

@Josmar Absolutely fantastic picture, thanks for sharing!

Regarding the A319 question: I once flew it (without pax) in IF all the way from Montral to Zurich, , which took about 7h 35min and had a considerable amount of fuel remaining.

Not the most current article but still fitting for the question:


I dont know why but it is just satisfying to look at that photo of the mountains. Great photos!