Rio de la Plata region

This region would be made between the province of Buenos Aires (including Buenos Aires) and Uruguay.

Airports in Buenos Aires:

  1. La Plata Airport (LPG/SADL): one asphalt runway, 02/20, 4682ft/1427m.

  2. Las Flores Airport (FLO/SAEL): two grass runways, 02/20 and 09/27, 3150/960m and 3650ft/1113m respectively.

  3. Astor Piazzola International Airport (MDQ/SAZM): one asphalt runway, 13/31, 7218ft/2200m.

  4. Aeroclub Universidad Río Matanza (MAT/SADZ): two grass runways, 17/35 and 09/27, 3060ft/933m and 2670ft/814m.

  5. Miramar Airport (MJR): one asphalt and two grass runways, 18/36, 4/22 and 09/27, 6090ft/1856m, 2370ft/722m and 2190ft/668m respectively.

  6. Morón Air Base (none IATA/SADM): one asphalt runway, 01/19, 9350ft/2850m.

  7. Nueve de Julio Airport (LIO/SAZX): two grass runways, 13/31 and 18/36, 4100ft/1250m and 3050ft/975m respectively.

  8. Aeroclub Pergamino: one asphalt and two grass runways, 04/22, 13/31 and 18/36, 4920ft/1500m, 3530ft/1076m and 1970ft/600m respectively.

  9. Punta Indio Naval Air Base (SAAI): three asphalt runways, 05/23, 07/25 and 12/30, 6960ft/2121m, 4570ft/1393m and 3920ft/1195m.

  10. Quilmes Airport (ILM/SADQ): one grass runway, 18/36, 4060ft/1237m.

  11. San Antonio de Areco Airport (SNT/SAAA): one grass runway, 06/24, 3930ft/1198m.

  12. San Fernando Airport (none IATA/SADF): one asphalt runway, 05/23, 6253ft/1906m.

  13. Aeroclub Argentino (JUS/SADS): two grass runways, 12/30 and 16/34, 2760ft/841m and 2550ft/777m.

  14. Campo de Mayo Air Base (SADO): one asphalt runway, 18/36, 5770ft/1759m.

  15. Santa Teresita Airport (SST/SAZL): one asphalt runway, 17/35, 4921ft/1500m.

  16. Villa Gesell Airport (VLG/SAVZ): one asphalt runway, 11/29, 5970ft/1820m.

  17. Azul Airport (ZUL/SAZA): two grass runways, 17/35 and 09/27, 4700ft/1433m and 2680ft/817m respectively.

  18. Bolívar Airport (SAZI): one asphalt runway and one dirt/grass runway, 02/20 and 14/32, 3937ft/1200m and 3689ft/1124m respectively.

  19. Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP/SABE): one concrete runway, 13/31, 6890ft/2100m.

  20. Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE/SAEZ): two asphalt runways, 11/29 and 17/35, 10828ft/3300m and 10187ft/3105m respectively.

  21. Dolores Airport (DOL/SAZD): two grass runways, 18/36 and 04/22, 4000ft/1219m and 3400ft/1036m respectively.

  22. El Palomar Air Base (EPA/SADP): one asphalt runway, 16/34, 6923ft/2110m.

  23. Martín García Island Airport (SAAK): one asphalt runway, 17/35, 4150ft/1265m.

  24. Mariano Moreno Air Base (ENO/SADJ): one asphalt runway, 16/34, 7900ft/2408m.

  25. Junín Airport (JNI/SAAJ): one asphalt runway, 18/36, 4921ft/1500m.

Airports in Uruguay:

  1. Ángel S. Adami Airport (SUAA): one concrete runway, 18/36, 4101ft/1250m.

  2. Colonia Airport (CYR/SUCA): one asphalt runway, 12/30, 4495ft/1370m.

  3. Santa Bernardina International Airport/Tte. 2° Mario W. Parallada Air Force Base (DZO/SUDU): one concrete/asphalt runways and one asphalt runway, 03/21 and 09/27, 7477ft/2279m and 4764ft/1452m respectively.

  4. Capitán de Corbeta Carlos A. Curbelo International Airport (PDP/SULS): two asphalt runways, 01/19 and 08/26, 5249ft/1600m and 6998ft/2133m.

  5. Carrasco International Airport (MVD/SUMU): two asphalt runways, 01/19 and 06/24, 7382ft/2250m and 10500ft/3200m.

  6. Paysandú Airport (PDU/SUPU): two runways, 02/20 and 10/28, 4931ft/1503m and 2949ft/899m respectively.


Interesting I could say, maybe it should be added? Too many small airports is my problem. But it could be a prop plane’s dream.


Doesn´t Chicago has the same small airfields?

I guess it does, but then again that’s why it isn’t super popular.

Nor Paris, and that region is too small. Maybe the region needs to be both big and have lots of commercial airports, like SoCal.

I agree. London has many big commercial airports, and it explodes on Advanced as I usually see it.

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And its bigger than Paris. Another crucial thing is the possibility of reaching a higher than 15000ft cruise altitude.

Very true! Like Hawaii, you’re more than capable in reaching over 15,000ft.


So the perfect region should have:

  1. Lots of commercial airports.
  2. Have a large extension.
  3. Be able to reach at least 20000ft as cruising altitude.

Back on topic: Is the region very mountainous?

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Its almost flat. No mountains. Some hills to the south.

Exactly, and their are about 15 of them that are just as good as the towered airports. In the Chicago region.

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