Ring me up for ATC!

Next time if anyone is at WSSS and it’s dead empty with no ATC online, ring me up and I’ll try to be there! :D

You can send me a message via WhatsApp or Facebook but don’t call me unless you’re from Singapore as well 😂

@furtive_masstwofourf, ATS = Air Traffic Services

Ahh, well ATC can be used in this case anyway.

I might go to WSSS. I always go there since it is second to most popular in Playground.

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Yea, FDS made the right choice. Else, I won’t be here at all 😂

My good sir, my number is stated on my profile and I am 16 turning 17 on 17 March ^^

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I am 14 and live in the Netherlands

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We call you from our mobile for PG ATC ! Omg this is funny and pretty cool

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its like a real life job =3


Yeap KLAX is always full… Glad to have you here and I hope you’re glad I am here xD

Haha you reminded me of Zello! I was actually from that area before I purchased IF Live… Will venture back into it :D

Dream job will be dream job 😂