rileymoyer’s ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

Hello Community,
I have recently gotten into controlling in Infinite Flight a little bit more, so I figured I would make an ATC Tracking Thread like many others have to let you know when I will be open & further the advancement of my Training Server ATC Skills.

While I currently have no plans of becoming IFATC, you never know what will come down the road ;).

Thank you for helping me out with my ATC by joining me at one of the airports I open. Constructive Criticism is always greatly appreciated.


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Please Join me for my first ATC Session @ KSSC, Training Server, June 7, 2018 11:15 PM

How would you like your feedback?

Phew, that one was bad. Maybe a PM this time for my sake ;) .

you going to be open any longer?

SO SORRY! I was N0487 and a got stuck in the runway, sorry about that! Great ATC work!

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Why did you close already

Done for now. I’d love to see you next time.

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I will drop an in-depth feedback in a PM but for some future aspiring controllers some good points can be left here.

  • Pattern → Sequence → Clear
    It’s okay to resequence if you have to

  • Use all runways for efficiency.

  • Don’t rush, take a deep breath and make sure you have a plan.

Most of all have fun, that’s why we all fly and control because we love it! I think you did okay so don’t be so hard on yourself.



Got a little overwhelmed. Going to take just a bit more time with some smaller groups, and watch some tutorials. Thanks


I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for coming out!


You don’t often get my awesome presence practicing lol.


Should have stayed cool and kept open a bit longer. Oh well, everything seems easier in hindsight. I hope to get the chance to see you the next time I’m open.


I feel bad for him too, he didn’t get to witness some of your horrible touch&goes


Open @ KSSC

  • Runways 4L & 4R in use
  • I will remain open for (1) hour

Now closed, good day!

Good luck! If you ever need any help, you have plenty of knowledgeable people with you at UPS VA :)

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Open Again @ KSSC

Come out and fly a few patterns :)

Will be there in 5 min. Nasa 1.

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May I ask one question: Feedback here or PM???