Riley_Grim's ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

I will be controlling RJAA for about an hour. Come join in! I feel like this airport is never used because it is so close to RJTT. I will be controlling on the training server.


Departing runways are 16R and 16L. Arriving runways are 16R and 16L. Any aircraft allowed except fighters. No trolling please. Keep it realistic.

I’ll be sure to stop on by! This topic should go in the #atc category ;)

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Nice! I will be on in about 45 minutes if you are still controlling then.

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And pattern work is allowed.

sorry guys but i have to go. next i may control at EGKK

Don’t forget to update your thread title to [CLOSED] 😉

Will try and catch you for a bit longer next time

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I’m back and now I’m controlling EGKK. Departing runway 26R for 737s and a320s or smaller. Departing runway 26L for 737s and a320s or bigger. Same thing for arrivals. Feel free to join!

Thank you @Swiss188. I will remember.

I’m now controlling at KLGA on the training server. Departing runway 22. Arrivals for 31. Thanks for coming!

everybody who attended la guardia between 7:00 and 8:25 tonight thank you that was fun

Next I’m planning to control at KBWI.

Hey guys now I’m controlling KRSW. Departing runway 06. Arrivals for 06 too.

Please do not forget to close! Good day! 🌍

Hey guys! I’m now controlling at KPIT on the training server. B and C gates will depart on runway 10C. A and D gates will depart on runway 10L. Arrivals for 10L, 10C, 10R, and 32. Thanks for coming!

Hey guys! I’m now controlling at MMMX. Departing runways 05L and 05R. Landing runways 05L and 05R. Feel free to stop by!

It’s on the training server.

Hey everybody. I’m controlling at OMDB. Departing and landing runways 12L and 12R.

I’ll come by! I’ll be N428LA.