Rigorous Training after Getting Reported to Get Reports Reversed.

Hi Fellow Aviators and IFATC Officers,
This sim has been the best so far on mobile devices with active ATC. Getting reported for any reason been valid or a glitch can be very disappointing and takes the joy out of you and sometimes your day feels like its ruined. The same as compared to getting a traffic ticket. It have come to my notice that people getting reported/ghosted dont get the proper training even though there is an instruction manual on how to use the ATC. Sometimes this affects your grade and can be very disappointing with the time and money spent to enjoy the fantasies of a Virtual Pilot. Like any offense if the culprit isn’t given the proper training they are more likely to commit the same offense. So what I meant was to suggest a rigorous training for people been reported for not following ATC instructions to get their reports reversed the same as taking classes to regain points on your driver’s license. In my opinion I think this will create a much peaceful and smooth sailing in our infinite skies.
I hope this will be taken into consideration.


The IFATC controllers do tell all pilots to check the forum for help w/ATC prior to being ghosted/reported…
If the pilots don’t check and learn, I think its really on the pilots themselves, not the fault of improper reparation when they have all the resources available in this forum…

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I’m not going to put any personal opinion in here one way or the other, but the FAA’s philosophy is one of compliance. While all of the resources needed for a pilot not to break a regulation are widely available and free, it is possible for pilots to have punitive action deferred if they complete some sort of training or safety course.

Should be an interesting tidbit to anyone trying to say one thing or the other.


Should this be in #features?

As a controller who has ghosted 100s of people, we want you to contact us after being ghosted to find out why you were ghosted. It’s disheartening when you ghost 13 people within 3 hours and receive none or few messages from the community members you ghosted.


Adding on from what @Trio mentioned, as a controller I love when people reach out after a ghosting.

I want people to see a ghosting, not as a punishment but an opportunity to learn, build knowledge and improve for next time.


Yesterday I had a problem with a controller he threatened to ghost me just because I got told to switch over him told me to switch back then got switched back again luckily the approach was nice enough to redo the whole process of clearing me for an approach then the tower said I was cleared to land idk I don’t understand … I am confusion I was already cleared for approach idk why the tower switched me back 💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️ Probs cuz I was still Too far out of the airport

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Makes you wonder how many pilots think “I just got reported, but no clue why. Very frustrating. Ah well, better luck next time”.

I wouldn’t be surprised as by far most people I had to ghost are not on this forum and will not learn from their report. Shame really…


Because clearance for the approach isn’t the same as approval for a freq change.

Approach will keep ILS approaches until you actually intercept.

Then will hand you to tower. You shouldn’t switch on your own.

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MaxSez: @Clinton_Stack1… I agree Clint. The resources are available to fledglings, they choose to “wing it” and arrive at Grade 3
unprepared that’s IF. ya know water, horses, drink…

(I note the IFATC circling the wagons again. Those darn dumb Pilot insinuations or innuendo are not helpful and the pride & glee evident in the “I Gave XXX ghosts are not appropriate ”. Plus wanna Contact use an “@“Address in the data block)
G’day, Max


Approach controller told me to switch to tower though 🤷‍♂️ See lookimage

Only the controller you had a confusing experience with will be able to tell you exactly what happened. I highly recommend you contact the controller asking politely what was happening during that time.

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Hi so I got reported for no reason 2 min ago could you try to change it???

I have no personal experience as I’m not an IFATC officer and yes this is a little off-topic but isn’t that amount a little excessive?

I was reported by IFATC-Phoenix591

No, there are some pilots on expert that don’t know how to act. As a personal example: on fnf a guy drove midway through my 787-9 and stopped.

I think it’s great that he ghosts, I’m sure he only ghosts people who deserve it, otherwise he wouldn’t be ifatc;)

But yeah the idea sounds good but wouldn’t it save resources to forse them to watch the tutorials before being allowed to fly at all?

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If you can tell us the controller’s name, we can have him PM you.

@Phoenix591 is your guy, I’ll let him know so he can PM you after he finished controlling

Like a step level system. Another idea for them to avoid reports could be to create a simulation for them to play in where the airtraffic is all AI and you’ll have to speak to tower in order to get to land. Though this is a lot of work to create it could be good training for both pilots and atc