Right Wing and Slot needed for IF Blue Angels Team

Hello everyone. Earlier this month, I made a post about an IF Blue Angels team in the making. The team is currently in training, but we need a right wing and a slot. MUST HAVE DECENT KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE BLUE ANGELS AND HAVE AN ACTIVE INFINITE FLIGHT SUBSCRIPTION! If interested, leave your discord and one of the two positions you would like to fly in the comments below. We hope you would become a member of this amazing team.


Do you mean IRL?

No, this is a virtual blue angels team in IF

Cool I would love to join but I’m not good with F-18s oh, and I don’t have discord

I’d happily join, I’ll drop my discord in dms

No worries bro

You haven’t added me back yet

I would love to fly slot, I’ll pm you my discord


I can fly…I’m a pilot!

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I’ve added you. We fly tonight at 9PM

Drop your full discord user including the #. We fly tonight at 9PM

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Im interested in joining :)

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Just receiving your notice. 9pm in which time zone? Where are you guys located?

Due to inactivity, the team has now disbanded. Thank you for your interest in us


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