Right turn 360 or left 000?

hello, i wonder if to someone of you happened something like this. yesterday i was on approach to EDDF on expert AND my heading was 014 , i was following vectors to the ils approach runway 07 R .The atc instructed me to TURN RIGHT 360 i made the right turn and he warned me to follow instruction or i will be ghosted. i realized the he should have told me to TURN LEFT 360 i was confused for a couple of seconds. that was atc mistake in my opinion. thank you

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This is actually a minor bug. The ATC does not give instructions wether or not you should turn left or right to the instructed heading, this is something the app does automatically. Occasionally it mix up left/right giving conflicting instructions.

What you should do, is to turn in the way closest to the heading you are instructed to turn to.

Let’s say you’re on a heading of 120 degrees and you get “Turn right heading 80”. That’s ridiculous, right? As it would make you do a 320 degree turn instead of a left 40 degree turn. You don’t do that… you turn left :)


Ok ,thanks for the advice. have a nice day 👋🏻


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