Right swipes with outstanding msgs

When right swiping a strip to remove it from the atc list it is possible that another strip is inserted at the top in the gap between thought and action. It appears therefore that one can swipe the wrong strip.

If that strip has a msg outstanding, which it normally will, the top insertion being a pilot to atc message, it is still recorded as not answered but because the strip has gone the aircraft cannot be identified.

Thus the timeouts for not responding are triggered but it is very difficult to respond.

Suggestion: do not allow right swiping if aircraft has unanswered msgs(I.e. it is flashing)

You shouldn’t be doing that anyway if they are messaging you. But as for the accidental swipes, there isn’t really a way to prevent this other than just being cautious. I would say instead of quickly swiping, slowly swipe and keep an eye on the strip to ensure its the right call sign.

It might be me. I quite often find the brain will think “I’ll select f-xyzzy” but in the gap another incoming message pushes the incoming list downwards as it is time ordered.

Normally it doesn’t matter but in this case it can put you into a position where you get chucked off for ignoring a message.

The other alternative is to allow this deletion of an active strip (which might happen if you have an idiot which you can’t action onT/S) but then it shouldn’t count as an unanswered message.

But might be better just to disable swipes on active comms. Is there another use other than someone has left your airspace and not gone to approach, centre or Unicom.

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