Right order of using Ground Services

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I think this was already discussed, but I can’t find the topic anymore. So I’d like to know what’s the correct order of the GS before departure:

  • Setting battery on (aircraft)
  • Ground power unit
  • Cargo
  • Catering
  • Pax
  • APU on (aircraft)
  • disconnect Ground power unit
  • Release Pax, catering
  • uncouple Airbridge

Is this a realistic procedure?
Thanks for your answers


Check out this page in the user guide that takes you step by step through the process:

EDIT: the page doesn’t tell you what order to do the different ground services in but IRL these are all separate entities so they disconnect when they have completed their specific job (I.e once catering is done, they leave, that might be before or after the other ground services).


Hey thx a lot. But that is exactly why I’m asking: I want to do it in the most realistic way possible. I totally understand that it might vary from airline to to airline, but maybe some things have to follow the right procedure in order to not harm anything or malfunctioning something at the aircraft.
So: ground power is something which goes first, right? Then I start the battery in the plane and then the APU?

The order that it suggests in the user guide is the most realistic way to do it, however the current four options for ground services can vary which is why they are listed all together so you can decide when they have ‘finished’. It isn’t a set procedure dependant on aircraft or airline. They are just completed when they are completed.

The only thing that must be done before you disconnect the ground power ground service is the APU needs to be on - as that is your power to the aircraft when the ground power is gone. I will make an amendment to the user guide for the next update to include that.

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Ok got it. But I’m still missing one thing: the ground power unit must be first as it provides the main battery the required starting power to get the APU running? I can’t believe, that these things are not linked to each other…

Awesome thx!!

Usually the ground power would be connected first before starting the APU, and this is another note I will include in the guide, but the APU can start from the batteries, you do not need the ground power to do this. Sometimes ground power isn’t available at airports

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