Right or Left base

Hello when ATC says enter right base does it always need to be 90 degrees cause i was coming in at like an 45 degree angle and atc said enter right base so i wanted to ask

First of all, nice name. Second, no it does not have to be a perfect 90 degrees. A good rule of thumb is that it’s a 90 degree “window,” 45 degrees (blue) on either side of the “perfect base” (yellow). Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

so if atc says enter base i am not required to make a turn so i can line up w the runway

nice name indeed best there is

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Not quite sure I fully understand your question.

ill show you a sc

This is the point where atc told me to enter right base ive drawn my fpl (kinda) what do i do in the situation just keep flying my fpl (what i did) or what should i do else?

Yes, continuing on your flight plan is appropriate in that situation. Them telling you how to enter the pattern is a requirement, so when they see your flight plan, they’ll often just choose whatever best fits the approach which, in this case, is right base.


Hello! In this scenario, since your FPL does make you enter via right base (or the right base window) you can follow your FPL. In some cases say your FPL goes in a 180 like at RPLL, you would have to disregard your FPL and follow ATC instructions.

Ohh thank you so much

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So just do what atc tells you alright thanks guys

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Yep, ATC instructions always override your planned route of flight, unless they compromise safety.

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Essentially yes. Always prioritize IFATC commands over your FPL

Thanks guys safe travels and a happy early new year


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