Right of way

Just had a situation where someone announcing positions in a pattern ended up conflicting with another aircraft that was late announcing his position.

What do you do in that case?

Here’s my approach. I assume I’m really in the aircraft. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, or who I think has the right of way. When I suspect there will be a conflict, i don’t want to die, so I don’t wait for the other guy to do something, I take evasive actions.

If you’ve ever seen me approach a busy non controlled airspace, you’ll see me making a lot of 360’s and/or extending downwind to get in a safe position. Worst case, I’ll divert. It’s not worth life and limb to force myself in. May sound ridiculous, but with an attitude like that you’ll never get in trouble.

If everyone took that approach, we wouldn’t see the carnage that erupts when ATC closes at a busy airspace.


Thank you for this! I’ve never been in (or caused ;) one of these situations, but I have seen them happen. Hopefully we can all learn from this post.

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Thanks for the explanation, because it really helped make sense of what happened.

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