Right Of Way Procedures while flying VFR

Hey everyone! Its Monday yet again!

For this week’s tutorial, I want to explain the Right of Way procedures while flying VFR. This is something that is important for everyone flying to know and understand. We have all seen aircraft flying towards each other at the same altitude, speed, etc., yet to only fly through each other. This should NOT be happening. I cover different types of Right of Way procedures even while on final.

Here is a video tutorial that I have posted on our Infinite Flight YouTube Channel that you can watch:

I have also attached the Right of Way Tutorial Graphics to help have a visual of the different types of procedures. I certainly hope that this helps clear up any confusion that some may have. Feel free to message me with any questions that you may have.

Happy and Safe Landings!


Really good tutorial. Thank you!


Question, what would be good distance to keep from an aircraft while making your right turn to over take them? As long as the TCAS indicator is blue and not yellow or green?


For Infinite Flight purposes, I would maintain enough clearance where the aircraft remain blue, but definitely begin the turn once it turns orange/yellow to maintain a safe distance.


Thanks Mark for a great tutorial and easy to understand diagrams. Happy to see, as a sailor, that the VFR right of way are extremely simular to the Colregs we use at sea!!


Thank you! Absolutely, I’ve learned that there are a lot of similarities between aviation and nautical.


Events tend to happen a lot slower when traveling at 0 ASL!

Hahaha Yeah that is very true.

Great tutorial Mark! This was certainly needed.


I’m just going to add to this post in saying that the aircraft with the lowest altitude does have he right of way on final. However this can’t be exploited. So the aircraft can’t be number 2 with the lower altitude just to over take the leading aircraft. And any aircraft that announces final first has the right of way over any other aircraft in the pattern unless the two aircraft work it out.
But great tutorial as always @Mark_Denton. Is it just me or does anyone else look forward to these?


On free flight it’s
(Free for all fight to get on the runway first)


Right Brandon, which is what I mentioned in the video. If flying a proper approach, the lower aircraft should be #1 anyways.


Thanks for the tutorial. Btw i always look forward to them on mondays :)

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I love your tutorials by the way. Though i already know a lot about this.

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Thanks guys!! I hope these tutorials help.


I didn’t watch the video sorry. You know how people are if its not said multiple times. We will just hear but Mark said 😂.


@Mark_Denton, if it is an airport with parallel runways and you need to overtake an aircraft in front of you (on final), can you switch runways instead of going around?

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I’m not sure of why there would be a need to overtake anyone on final. However, if there is a parallel runway, and there is no traffic already on final for that runway that you would be interfering with, then as long as it’s a safe maneuver then yeah you can change to the other runway. I will also add that there are parallel runways, why would you follow anyone on final and possibly overtake them anyway when you should have already properly changed to the available runway.


Sorry, let me rephrase that. More of going faster if the plane in front of you is smaller and therefor has a slower landing speed.

I’m sorry guys for bringing this up after a long time. I’m just watching all the tutorials one by one.

I can’t stop laughing when Mark said "Don’t try to fly above him, don’t try to fly underneath him, and especially, don’t try to fly through him! 😂

Great tutorials, by the way, Mark 👏🏼