Right of way on the ground

I think because of this happening on the expert server it’s time to educate some pilots on the right of way on the ground. I quoted below the rules.

In case of danger of collision between two aircraft taxiing, the following shall apply:
• When two aircraft are approaching head on, or approximately so, each shall stop or where practicable alter its course to the right so as to keep well clear.
• When two aircraft are on a converging course, the one which has the other on its right shall give way.
• An aircraft which is being overtaken by another one shall have the right of way and the overtaking aircraft shall keep well clear of the other one.
• An aircraft taxiing on the maneuvering area of an aerodrome shall give way to aircraft taking off or about to take-off.
An aircraft exiting the runway has priority over planes that is on the taxiway

Source: EU-OPS

I hope this topic can educate some pilots about this issue and improve the general understanding of ground rules on expert so it doesn’t look like TS1 when the controller maybe doing something else.

Apologize if there is a duplicate, I searched and I only found one about VFR rules in the air for IF by Mark


This is airmanship rules of the Air. Not during taxi on the ground.

It’s similar that’s all

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Another one is the aircraft exiting the runway has right if way if the aircraft on the taxiiway

Great guide. What I like to do is flicker my landing lights at people to let them know they have right of way. Less road rage and more happy people.
If you’re in this kind of situation, be the polite one.

Just a rule of thumb: if you can see an aircrafts green navigation light, that means you have the right of way. If you see red, then you do not have the right of way.


thats how we do it at sea as well.Rule of thumb as like in the air there are often other things to consider and act on!


So that 787 should give way to that dc10f?image

This thresd went into detail about hiw the taxiways should work and right of way. Exiting runway has right of way and everyone should be using the taxiway closest to the runway to taxi to the runway not the farthest to cut the line. In addition, the aircraft looking to turn onto the main taxiway to the runway should give way to aircraft already taxiing on that taxiway


@Aussie_Wombat @anon2063420

I added the exiting runway rule to the main post. Thanks for all the feedback :)

Just remember, if they want to crash into you. Don’t fight with them, this will get you ghosted. Use some manners and your day will be better

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