Right downwind, right traffic, left downwind, left traffic

I could not find an 100% accurate explanation regarding about this 4 position reports.
Can someone give me some explanations with a map if that’s possible?

And please explain those on how we are looking at the map in sim.

Last time I’ve been reported because I did not followed the sequence and I do think that I’ve done everything that the ATC told me.

Thank you very much and I really appreciate your help.

image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ef/Airport_traffic_pattern.jpg

A traffic pattern looks something like this. Each leg is fairly self explanatory :)


This picture should help you.

The top one is left downwind, left traffic and the bottom on is Right downwind, right traffic.


Several tutorials are available.

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Let me give you a scenario. You’re inbound and the ATC tells you to enter left downwind RWY 28. What you will do is fly a few nm to the left of RWY 28 (heading approximately 100°).

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Alright, so, where am I in this picture?
runway 27L top of the pic.

Left downwind RWY27L


The LEFT and RIGHT is from the perspective of the landing runway direction.

In the picture below, if 27s are in use, the red star position would be Left Downwind. One way to remember this is that the runway will be on your left. If 09 was in use (yellow), the yellow star position would be right downwind.


Amazing! That’s the reply I’ve been waiting for.

So if I’m the top of your picture, that will be UPWIND.

Thank you very much!

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It depends which direction you are going.

Reference the chart from @DiamondGaming4 above.

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Here you go,hope this helps :)

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