Right Downwind Approaching

Hello everybody,

First of all i want to introduce myself.
My Name is Daniel i’m 35 years old and i live in germany near to Frankfurt.
I Play IF since around 2 years now.
Live Mode i Play for 2 days now and l have Many issues regarding ATC.
My question is s Follows:
For example i want to Land on an Airport Runway 05.
I Contact The Tower and asked for Landing with ILS.
He replied to me that i should Fly “Right downwind 27”.
What does that mean? What should i do?

Thank you all for your Support.
And sorry for My Bad english! :)



This is a traffic pattern:


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Downwind is basically travelling in the opposite direction of the runway. Use the diagram above, left downwind means the runway will be to the left of you, and same with right downwind.


Hi, welcome to the community! Infinite flight has a YouTube channel with all the basics. Very helpful tutorials!


If you called inbound on the ILS, please check this too:


Right downwind 27 means you’re going to be flying in the opposite direction of runway 27, with the runway itself to your right. Airports have traffic patterns consisting of crosswind, downwind, base, and final. It’s also important to note that if ATC designate a different runway to what you have requested, you must follow their instructions. IF Live has live winds, which is the main factor determining which runway you will use. You always take off and land into the wind. Inactive runways due to wind conditions show in a red colour both on your map and in your ATC menu when calling inbound, so if you request an inactive runway, ATC will give you a different runway.

Finally, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community! Happy and safe landings.


Thank you for your warm welcome.
But Frankly Spoken i don’t Unterstand.
If The Controller adviced me for Right downwind 27 and i want to Land on 05.
What I have to do then?
Ignore and just fly ahead or Must i change My Course.

I feel like an idiot :-D


You should follow the controllers instruction. Always. Unless you’re heading into a mountain.


Daniel, you are asking the right questions, great!
You’re not an idiot - idiots dont ask questions, they just do it wrong.

This forum has many useful tutorials and you’ve received some great responses already.

As mentioned above, you may have planned to land on runway 5; but for many reasons the controller may be using runway 27. This can even be the case if the runway is showing up as red colour. The runway can still be used if there’s not too much wind. So as mentioned, ALWAYS follow the ATC’s instructions, even if you feel he is not that good and is still learning. If the instructions are totally crazy, request ATC permission to depart airspace to the North/East/ etc and divert to another airport :-)

The YouTube instruction videos are very useful; see the post from @Laura_Murphy. There are many more of those short videos, most of them made by Mark Denton. I suggest you view them all, twice ;-)


Okay Thank you.
If i Understand correctly he means That i have to change to Runway 27?

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Also just to add, if you don’t quite understand traffic pattern legs or entries then don’t hesitate to look them up on YouTube. Sometimes the Infinite Flight Tutorials don’t give you the exact answer you’re looking for but YouTube will give you a more in depth perspective on all of those things!

So if you announced you are on the ILS runway 05, then are instructed to enter right downwind runway 27. Then what you need to do is decend to TPA (Traffic Pattern Altitude). And enter the leg instructed. Right traffic means you will be making right turns to the runway. Left traffic means you will be making left turns to the runway.

As you can see in the diagram you should enter at a 45° angle mid field on the right downwind leg. The diagram shown is of a left hand traffic pattern. You should always remain in the airspace or within visual range of the runway when making a visual landing. Typically no further then the middle distance ring from the airport. I try and keep it in the first ring since that’s there airspace at that altitude.

Hopefully that clears it up a bit.


That picture is showing you left downwind so just picture your airplane in the other side where the runway is on your right

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Awesome! Someone who asks instead of ignoring Controllers, like most TS1 pilots…

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Thank you all!
It will helps me a lot!