Right 360 for landing

I was told to do a right 360 on advanced but I dont know how so I was reported which I think I deserve but my question is how would I do a right 360? like the controls to do it

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juts turn your plane in a full circle or a 360

Turn 360 degrees right.

Meaning U-Turn, you need slow down plane, around 180-190 knots den make U-Turn.

how would i turn it in a 360 lol

Keep turning right until you’ve completed a full circle

Oh ok that makes sense but wont you overshoot the runway while turning

Watch some of Tyler’s videos on YouTube. You might find some help from there from a ATC’s standpoint to what a pilot should do. You literally just turn in a circle in the direction you’re told to go in


Just make a slow right 360 degree turn as shown in this picture above and once completed, you can fly normally to the direction you were flying to.


Ok ill watch the videos. thanks for the help

Thats not a video its a picture.

I suggested Tyler’s 360 video. It’s nice to not only know the pilot’s side, but also the mindset of the ATC in certain situations ;)

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