Right 360 Displays Left Hold

I’m not sure if this will make total sense, but I’ll try my best to explain this. I was on vectors on the Expert server, and @AdamCallow was on ATC. This is not a rant on the controller, but rather me trying to understand something. I don’t remember in the past if a controller gave you a 360, a hold is then displayed.

Here is the ATC log:

I continued to follow the instructions, and proceeded with the right 360. I noted my position at the time of the message with the black aircraft marking. The arrow represents my direction of travel. The red marking is the right 360 that I flew and the exit direction for that right 360. The concern that I have is why a hold with left hand turns appeared. Not sure if it was by controller mistake, but I never received any messages regarding a hold, or this could be a bug that has not been brought to attention.

Device Info.
-iPad Mini 4
-iOS 10.2.1

Known issue with the 360 command

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