Riga to Skiathos Inaugural Flight/Air Baltic A220

Sveiki! Today, I flew from Riga in Latvia to Skiathos in Greece, a route which has never been served by Air Baltic before, and I’m not too entirely sure if anyone on the IFC has flown this route before. Anyways, enjoy these photos!!

Flight Information:
Route: Riga-Skiathos
Flight Time: 2:35
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Airbus A220-300
Airline: Air Baltic
Callsign and Flight Number: BTI605, ATC Callsign Air Baltic 7LP
Climbed to FL290 for about half of the flight due to turbulence, then climbed to Fl350!

And here she is at the gate! The aircraft was started up from cold and dark, as she came in from London Heathrow the night prior. There was an inaugural flight celebration at the gate, where a verity of Greek and Latvian foods were offered, as well as complimentary coffee and tea

aircraft registration is YL-ABA.

Taxi to the runway for an on time departure

Departure out of Riga Airport

Our flight takes us west, avoiding both Russian and Ukrainian airspace due to the current situation between both parties. This photo was taken near the town of Uzhhorod, the closest we got to Ukraine

Decent into the Skiathos airport. This is my first time flying into Greece, and I am absolutely amazed by the scenery!

Landing at the airport. Came near inches away from the British tourists who were stupid enough to get near the runway

Closer view of the Landing at JSI airport

And after a pretty smooth landing and insanely fast stop, we have arrived to Skiathos island. A water cannon salute was given, and another airline has arrived.


Lovely shots you made!


Thank you very much!


Great shots you’ve made! I think i should do this route in IF myself!:D

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You should! Its very scenic.

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