Riga to Kyiv

Hey Guys
As I said in my previous post this is a short flight from Riga, Latvia 🇱🇻 to Kyiv, Ukraine 🇺🇦. I did this a long time back when I was fairly new to IF and much before things started in Ukraine.

Flight Information
Airbus 220
Air Baltic
Training Server
Mach 0.80


Taxiing in Riga

Rotating in front of the beautiful terminal and magnificent sunrise

At that time i didn’t know the correct vs for climbing and there’s me climbing at 4000vs

Entering Ukrainian airspace

Descending into Kyiv

One red one white, perfect sight

Vacating the runway

Sadly no buildings no jet bridges no stand guidance or no pushback tugs. I think Kyiv Boryspil Airport IATA KBP ICAO UKBB should be made 3D in 22.3 especially after what’s happening there.

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That’s it for this flight, hope you liked the pictures. Next I’ll be posting more pictures of this flight.
Thank you


Awesome snaps! Yeah 4000fpm is pretty rapid lol


Thank you…yeah used to take just one moment to reach cruising altitude

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Thank you everyone for all the likes and votes

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Nice shots mate !

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Thank you :)

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No problem ! ;)

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