Riga - Stuttgart | Air Baltic A220-300

Flight on Saturday 16th of July from Riga to Stuttgart. This was my first A220 flight and arrived with no delays.

Aircraft Route and Details

Aircraft: BCS3 (A220-300)
Airline: Air Baltic
Callsign: Air Baltic 3BJ
Route: EVRA - EDDS
Flight Time: 1h 56mins
Server: Expert

At gate 107 in Riga with the aircraft being serviced

Departing from Runway 18 with the terminal building in the background

Cruising at FL340 over Poland. Taken over Gorzów Wielkopolski

Passing a Lufthansa A359. Also taken over Gorzów Wielkopolski

Passing a British Airways A320. Taken over Lichtenfels

Flying over a Lufthansa 747-400. Taken over Baunach

Now on short final for Runway 07 at Stuttgart.

Landed and now taxiing to the gate with a Lufthansa Cargo 777F departing in the background

Parked at gate 14 at Stuttgart


Great photo these are amazing

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Amazing photos! I really like them all!

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Unreal photos 😍

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These are really great photos nice job!

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Some of the best photos I’ve ever seen! Love the realism. Hope you had a nice flight to Stuttgart (:

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